BN59-01199F / Remote Control for Samsung Television

BN59-01199F / Remote Control for Samsung Television
Manufacturer: Samsung
Part Number: BN59-01199F
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Remote Control for Samsung Television, BN59-01199F


Compatible with following Samsung models:

UN32J4500AF, UN32J5205AF, UN32J525DAF, UN40J5200AF, UN40J520DAF, UN40J6200AF, UN40JU6400F, UN40JU640DF, UN43J5200AF, UN43JU640DF, UN48J5200AF, UN48J5201AF, UN48J520DAF, UN48J6200AF, UN48JU6400F, UN48JU640DF, UN50J5200AF, UN50J520DAF, UN50J6200AF, UN55J6200AF, UN55J6201AF, UN55J620DAF, UN55JU6400F, UN55JU640DF, UN58J5190AF, UN60J6200AF, UN60J620DAF, UN60JU6390F, UN60JU6400F, UN65J6200AF, UN65J620DAF, UN65JU639DF, UN65JU6400F, UN65JU640DF

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