WIS09ABGN / Wireless LAN Adapter for Samsung TV

WIS09ABGN / Wireless LAN Adapter for Samsung TV
Manufacturer: Samsung
Part Number: WIS09ABGN
Availability: No Longer Available
Price: $85.00
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Order Note: This part is no longer available but an alternate part (AK98-01080A) is available.

Take your HDTV to new heights! The Samsung LinkStick is a wireless USB adapter that provides instant access to InfoLink™ RSS data – like news, weather, sports and stock information – on your Samsung HDTV screen! Also Supports Blu-ray Live with Netflix, Pandora(US only) and PC streaming (MP3,JPEG) Enjoy immediate access without the use of cables. This handy LinkStick is compatible with a wide range of Samsung LED, LCD and Plasma HDTVs.

Compatible with following Samsung models: 

BDC5500, BDC5500C, BDD5500, BDD5500C, BDP1500, BDP1590, BDP1600, BDP1600A, BDP3600, BDP4600, HTBD1150, HTBD1200, HTBD1250, HTBD3252, HTBD7200, HTC5500, HTD4500, LN32B650T1F, LN37B650T1F, LN40B630N1F, LN40B640R3F, LN40B650T1F, LN40B750U1F, LN40C630K1F, LN46B630N1F, LN46B640R3F, LN46B650T1F, LN46B750U1F, LN52B630N1F, LN52B750U1F, LN55B650T1F, PN50B650S1F, PN50B850Y1F, PN50B860Y2F, PN50C550G1F, PN58B650S1F, PN58B860Y2F, PN63C550G1F, UN32B6000VF, UN32D5500RF, UN40B6000VF, UN40B7000WF, UN40C6400RF, UN40C6500VF, UN40D5550RF, UN40D6300SF, UN46B6000VF, UN46B7000WF, UN46B7100WF, UN46B8000XF, UN46B8500XF, UN46C6300SF, UN46C6400RF, UN46C6500VF, UN46C6900VF, UN46D6000SF, UN55B6000VF, UN55B7000WF, UN55B7100WF, UN55B8000XF, UN55B8500XF, UN55C6300SF, UN55C6400RF, UN55C8000XF, UN55C9000ZF, UN55D6003SF, UN55D6400UF, UN60D6000SF, UN60D6450UF

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