Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is / J & J International, a division of Samsung?
A. No, we are not. We are the authorized distributor and reseller of all Samsung parts. Samsung does not sell parts directly to consumers, thus, when you call Samsung to purchase parts for your Samsung product, Samsung agents may direct you to us but we are not a sub-division nor a part of the Samsung company.

Q. Do you manufacture parts for Samsung?
A. No. As mentioned above, we are the authorized distributor. We do not manufacture any of the parts that are available to you.

Q. Does your customer service team provide support with technical issues related to parts?
A. Unfortunately, no. Please contact your local authorized Samsung service center for assistance. You can locate the closest service center on this link:

Q. Can I receive a part for my Samsung product with my warranty?
A. Unfortunately, no. You will need to contact Samsung directly at 800-726-7864 to inquire about your warranty status and to acquire a part with your warranty. We are the authorized reseller of parts for Samsung, therefore, we do not have any of your warranty information.

Q. What is the warranty policy of / J & J International?
A. We warrant all parts and accessories for 30 days from the shipping date. After 30 days, the part may carry a warranty from the manufacturer. Please contact the manufacturer directly for parts found to be defective after the expiration of the warranty.

Q. Why do some items "usually ship in 3-5 business days"?
A. These are items we do not carry stock of in our warehouse. Because there are over 500,000 different parts for Samsung products, it is impossible for us to have everything in stock. Such items are requested to Samsung on demand and shipped to the customer upon arrival. By doing so, we can offer all customers a chance to acquire any parts that Samsung still makes.

Q. I selected "Next Day" shipping for an item that "usually ship in 3-5 business days". When will I receive it?
A. As mentioned above, these items are not kept in stock. Once the item arrives at our warehouse from Samsung, then it will be shipped using "Next Day" delivery method. Unless it is absolutely necessary, we do not recommend choosing expedited shipping on an item that "usually ships in 3-5 business days".

Q. What does "Nationwide BO" mean?
A. "Nationwide BO" means that the item is on nationwide backorder throughout US. An item that has been declared "Nationwide BO", usually takes anywhere between 4-8 weeks before it becomes available. You can still place an order for a "Nationwide BO" item and wait. Your credit card will not be charged until we actually receive the item and ship it to you.

Q. What is your return policy?
A. You may return your order within 30 days from the shipping date. Please be aware that all returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee unless the return is a result of our error.

Q. How do I return an item?
A. Please obtain a return authorization number by filling out the return authorization request form. Return instructions will be emailed to you along with your return authorization number. Please note that a 15% restocking fee applies to all items that are returned due to following reasons:

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